Friday, January 28, 2011

Pulmonologist Visit

On Monday, we saw the pulmonologist for the first time for Emory to have his second round of rsv vaccine.  The appointment went verry well, Emory had his burned a little and he cried some, but not anything too terrible.  After he calmed down, I got him dressed and we headed back home.  Sometimes the worst part about those appointments is the drive down there and back =).  We will go back in a month for another round of rsv vaccine (his final round for this year) and then will follow up 3 months after that.  The dr. did say that he still heard Emory's heart murmur a little bit.  That confused me but thankfully we have a nurse in the family that helped me to understand that better.  Basically, Emory still has a small hole in his heart that is using about 5% of his energy whereas the previous one was using about 95% of his energy.  Our cardiologist said that hole should close on its own and he is not currently concerned about it.  Overall, everything went well.

From day to day, I really don't think much about Emory's history, his heart surgery, his time on the feeding tube, etc.  My thougths are usually directed solely towards what needs to be accomplished for that day.  But then when I go to these appointments, I really begin to realize the extent of what Emory has been through in just 8 months of life.  I mean the questions the nurse asks when we first go back to the room, then the questions the dr. asks when he gets back there, etc.  As we were weighing Emory, the nurse said "Our file on this little guy is really thick and we haven't even see you all yet".  I was like "Yeah, he's had a lot take place since he's been born".  It's like a reminder and a flashback so to speak.  Please don't hear me being negative, it's just kind of a weird feeling.  I look at him and play with him everyday and don't think twice about things.  But, if he coughs the wrong way, breathes heavy, has a slight fever, etc. I'm on high alert and the "Momma Bear" thing kicks in really strong.

I'm very thankful and can only give God the credit that we have not had any illness this cold and flu season (knock on wood).  I hope and pray it will stay that way for all ours sake, but especially for Emory.  Speaking of, he is waking up from his nap wanting to play.  Until next time......


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