Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

Well, it's that time of year again!  Time for the schedules to get tighter, bed times to be earlier, lunches to be packed, clothes to be laid out the night before, etc.  I can't believe that "school" (preschool for my boys) is already back in session!  You see, I was supposed to have Emory after school was out last year and instead had him 3 weeks before school let out.  Can I just tell you what a blur this summer has been?  Can I just tell you what a blur the last three weeks have been?  Oh my word!  I'm running on pure adrenalin and honestly signed on to post a short blog so that everyone could have an update.  I start "hitting my wall" around dinner time which is not good when you have hungry mouths to feed and a kitchen to clean up afterwards.  So, tonight's blog will be short and I'll type more at length tomorrow or another day.

Emory is healing well from his surgery.  Tuesday will be two weeks post surgery and Wednesday we will follow up with the surgeon at his clinic.  His incision looks great, he has been fever free, he is only throwing up about once a day, and he is acting more like himself a little bit every day in the fact that he wants all the attention.  He is wearing socks on his hands so that he doesn't pull out his ng tube.  We changed back to his original formula and will see how he tolerates that.  We did go to Sunday school and church today, which was a blessed time.  Emory stayed with us in his stroller and his "formula backpack" hanging off of the handle.  As long as he has the tube in, I've got to get used to going places with him and the tube.  But, until he is 6-8 weeks post-op and possibly even tube free, I won't put him in the nursery, which is so unlike me.  But, as I'm learning and will blog about later, every child and the season of life that he or she comes with, is different!  That is the short version of how Emory is doing.  Please keep him in your prayers specifically for him to tolerate bottle feedings so that we can get rid of the ng tube.  And, please keep us in your prayers specifically for Claude to find employment. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



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