Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out of CICU

Dear Friends:

I meant to blog last night but was just really tired and couldn't think straight.  However, I was so tired that I couldn't get to sleep.  Don't you just hate nights like those?  I usually don't get around to blogging until very late at night, so if you read something that doesn't make sense, just chalk it up to being tired!

Yesterday afternoon when my mom and I arrived at the hospital, Emory had moved out of CICU into a room in the Cardiac Stepdown Unit.  He has most of his tubes removed.  He still is being fed through the ng tube, which we will go home with and will probably be on for quite some time.  Praise God that he has not refluxed any since surgery.  Before surgery, he was refluxing even with the use of the ng tube.  They tell us that his feeding and digestion will improve now that his heart is fixed, but for a DiGeorge patient, that challenge may take a little longer to overcome.  Also, there may be some other issues going on that we are not aware of yet.  So our plan for now is to go home on the ng tube and slowly start bottle feeds throughout the day and see how Emory tolerates that.

Emory is also receiving some oxygen.  He has fluid on his lungs and they are taking xrays daily to see what that fluid does.  When referring to his heart and the surgery, he is doing great.  But in order to go home, we have to also look at the oxygen levels, fluid in the lungs, eating issues, etc.  Thankfully so far we have not had any fever, infection, or bleeding.  Nothing is set in stone, but they are working torwards us going home Monday or Tuesday.  We'll attend a discharge class on Monday just because that is when it's offered.  However, I don't care when it is, I'll be nervous about taking him home anyway.

Before all this began, Emory was a tummy sleeper.  Now that he has to stay on his back for awhile, we are trying different things like laying him on his side, getting him a mobile, etc.  They brought a mobile to his room that plays music, has shapes that go round and round, and that shines lights up on the ceiling.  He really likes the lights!  So, now I need to find some type of configuration to get some lights on the ceiling.

We had some dear friends come by to see us today.  Our friends Scott and Melanie and their three boys drove in from TN to see Emory and to take us to eat.  It was great to see them and a real treat to have dinner and adult conversation.  It was a nice change of scenery.  So, a big thank you to them!  My mom is coming down to the hospital to sit with Emory tomorrow morning so that I can go to church.  Bless her heart, I know she is very tired after taking care of Emmitt and Eli so much.  But, we couldn't have gone through this journey without the help of her, my dad, and so many others in so many ways.  You know who you are.....if I started to mention them all, we'd be here all night.  We still have several challenges ahead of us and different things we'll have to face, but we know that God will give us the strength we need at the exact time we need it.  And, we are thankful for all of the family and friends He has blessed us with that have helped carry us through.

Lastly, when you pray for Emory and for us, please pray for healing for my foot and my knee.  It's a crazy story, but I started walking towards the light switch today and slipped on the wet floor.  I have sprained my right foot and left knee.  More than anything, it's an inconvenience.  The nurses made me go get an xray and they tried to send me out on crutches, but could you imagine what Emmitt and Eli would do with mommy's crutches?  I don't think so!  Anyway, please pray for the pain to go away and for healing.  I honestly don't have time to deal with something like this when I need to focus on my "4 boys".

Well, it's late once again and I must go get some rest before they start the regiment of coming in all through the night for vitals, xrays, etc.  Until next time......



  1. Good to hear that all things are moving in the right direction. Hope your injuries don't give you much trouble.
    Sleep when you can.
    Pam and Madison

  2. I am thrilled with the improvements he is making and the lack of infection! I know it is difficult but that is really great news. God is truly the Great Healer and He is certainly watching over you all. Praying for your healing too and continued improvement for Emory. Cheryl