Thursday, January 6, 2011

Picture Christmas Cards

Dear Family and Friends:

If you receive a Christmas picture card from us late, I do apologize.  We participated in the Living Christmas Tree this year which consumed a lot of time.  Following that, I had surgery the week before Christmas and that took some time as well.  So, the cards had been put on the back burner till now.  Hope you enjoy them.  All of our pictures were taken by Hope Cox with Daisy May Photography.  She does work in the East TN/Kentucky area and does a fabulous job!  Visit her website at  She does a fabulous job and we have always been pleased with her work!  Until next time......




  1. you should post a picture of your Christmas cards! We, out here in "blogdom", love to see photos! You have a tallent for writing and I enjoyed reading your "this day is important b/c" entry. I too have a blog, it's my therapy. I did a small tribute to Elizabeth G. C. Thanks again for your candid writing.

  2. p.s. I love "Kelly's Korner" too. Have you checked out "McMamma?" Amazing story about her little one's road to recovery! "mycharmingkids" also "bringtherain". Both heartwarming. Oh, and there is another Williams family...called "waiting for happy"

  3. p.s.s.

    (I was wrong...) the other Williams family is called..."The Williams Family blog". Waiting for Happy is another great one and very similar. Just thought you might want to know.