Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Evening Everyone,

Just an update on Emory......we took him today for his Upper GI and he did really well considering how hungry he had to be when we went and how nasty the barium is to drink.  We had a great nurse and technician and they allowed us to see how the barium worked when it went down his esophagus and into his stomach.  Just as soon as it hit his stomach, it immediately started to come back up.  Although he was given a preliminary diagnosis of something else that was going to require surgery, the pediatrician called us around 6:00 to let us know that he has GERD.  Which, Eli had the same thing, but not nearly as severe.  So, we are going to stick with the "ready to feed" formula, continue with the cereal, and begin to give him Prevacid once a day.  We were using the Zantac, which was great because it was a LOT cheaper.  But, he threw up the Zantac as well.  If all of these tactics dont' work, then we will go to "Plan B".  What that is, I don't know.  I'm just praying that it will work so he can gain more weight, will feel better, and will enjoy his feedings.  Other than that, things are about the same.  Like I said in yesterday's update, we will see the cardiologist on Friday and I will give an update then. 

Tomorrow begins a new chapter for Eli......we have been lightly potty training him and we are getting rid of diapers tomorrow!  Hopefully, this will "take".  A jar of skittles can go a long way when you're trying to get a little boy to go potty.....=).

Hope all of you have a good week.....will update again on Friday.



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