Thursday, July 22, 2010

Emory in the Hospital

Good Evening Family and Friends:

We left my mom's in TN this morning at 6:00 in order to make an 11:15 appointment with another gastro dr. to get a second opinion.  We managed to arrive early so that we could feed Emory while sitting in the parking garage at the professional building at Scottish Rite.  Although he ate very well, he managed to throw it all up within a few minutes.  So, we went on to our appointment, filled out all the paper work, cleaned up the throw up and changed his clothes, and were called back to see the dr.

The dr. did do a thorough exam on Emory and talked with us at length.  We were very persistent that we needed to do something different than trying a different medicine and that we needed results soon.  So, they have admitted him into Scottish Rite, have changed his formula, have inserted an NG feeding tube, and are observing him through the night.  His weight when he left the NICU 6 weeks ago was 8.6 and today at the hospital it was 9.2 which means he has lost weight.  Not too long after we got home today the nutrionist called me to ask several questions in order to know the best way to treat him.  After I told her how long it was taking him to eat, how much he was throwing up, how little he weighed, etc. she was very concerned.  They are going to do a couple of swallow type tests tomorrow....I honestly forget what all she said they were going to do.  They are also going to do a cardiology consult in the morning.  Although I hate it for Emory, I hope that he does throw up for them so they can see what he goes through when this happens.  Hopefully we will get some answers over the next day or two.

Claude suggested that we stay home tonight to get a good night's rest and just go up early in the morning.  Although I know it is best and that Emory is ok and in great care, it is still hard to do.  Our other two boys are still in TN with their Gremmy and Papa and are having a blast.  We are glad to be home, but it feels weird without the boys here.  We are very grateful for the "little" things that mean so much and that are HUGE blessings to us right now.  Thanks to Peter and Jessica who brought us dinner tonight and thanks to Shannon and Wendy who came to clean the house and help unpack bags.  All of which was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated!  We are also very thankful for all the prayers from our New Hope family, as well as our friends and all of our other family members in LA, TN, AL, and FL.

We'll go to the hospital in the morning early anticipating some answers and good news.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers for Emory to keep food down and gain weight like a normal baby should.  Will update the blog tomorrow.



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